Butterfly Knives Trainer and Selection

30 octobre 2023


Are you interested in learning how to use butterfly knives? Also known as balisong, these knives can be classified into trainer butterfly knives and real butterfly knives based on their blades. The blade of a trainer butterfly knife has a dull edge and is perforated, making it safe for practice. On the other hand, the blade of a real butterfly knife is sharp. If you are looking for high-quality and safe butterfly knives for practicing various tricks, Nabalis offers an extensive range of options.

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Trainer Butterfly Knives at Nabalis

Nabalis is committed to designing and manufacturing original and safe butterfly knives that are suitable for all kinds of bali-flippers. They have practice butterfly knives that range from bushing balisongs, washer balisongs to bearing balisongs with various materials such as titanium, 7075 aluminum, 6061 aluminum, and more. With their wide selection of trainer butterfly knives, you can always find the perfect one here!


14 products



14 products

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Balisong Knife Options at Nabalis:

In addition to trainer butterfly knives, Nabalis also offers a variety of other balisong knife options. Whether butterfly knife trainers are a beginner or an experienced flipper, they have something for everyone.

  • Bushings Balisongs: These balisongs feature bushings instead of bearings for smoother flipping action.
  • Washer Balisongs: Washer balisongs use washers instead of bushings or bearings, providing a different flipping experience.
  • Bearing Balisongs: Bearing balisongs utilize ball bearings for enhanced flipping performance.

No matter your preference, Nabalis has the right balisong knife to suit your needs and skill level.

Balisong Case

To keep your butterfly knives safe and secure, consider investing in a balisong case. These cases are designed specifically for storing and transporting butterfly knives. They provide protection against scratches, dents, and other damages that can occur during travel or storage. With a balisong case from Nabalis, you can ensure the longevity of your knives while keeping them organized.


If you are looking for high-quality trainer butterfly knives or other types of balisong knives, look no further than Nabalis. Their commitment to safety and original design ensures that you will find the perfect knife for practicing various tricks. Explore their wide selection today!


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